“I received positive feedback from a range of individuals from bench scientists, maintenance workers, HR professionals, mid-level managers through Senior Vice Presidents.  We all face challenges, and Matt’s talk united us by providing engaging, concrete ways to help move forward with whatever we are handling individually.”

Jeanette Fairhurst

Associate Director Therapeutic Antibodies - Immunoscreening, Regeneron Pharmaceuticals

“I just wanted to thank you again for some great presentations during Red Ribbon Week.  I’ve received overwhelmingly positive feedback from teachers, administrators and parents.  A parent personally emailed me to say, ‘It was excellent.  Matt is a gifted speaker.”

Pamela E. Gellert

Municipal Alliance Coordinator, Cherry Hill Township

“As the Keynote presenter for the 34th Annual Association of Student Assistance Professionals Conference in February 2020, Matt was highly inspirational in motivating attendees to look at how stress plays a role in their lives and of those they are assisting.  His use of humor, experiential activities, and recent research  kept the audience laughing and engaged.  Matt was an outstanding presenter, making an exciting start to our conference!”

Kathy Ketofsky

Association of Student Assistance Professionals Conference

“Matt Ballace’s presentation brought enthusiasm and energy to our convention. He provided such thought-provoking material in a fun way. His keynote had us dancing, laughing, and learning, it was fantastic!”

Lacey Lane

President, Kentucky Speech-Hearing-Language Association