“Other than having a Ph.D., he is also a standup comedian. His whole presentation was very funny and interactive, and it appealed to my peers and people my age.  He included statistics and personal experiences that really helped us get to know him better, and also knew how to speak using our language and things we understood, and it was a very successful presentation.”

Marianne Bautista

Student, Phillips Andover Academy

“He used a lot of funny anecdotes in his speech, which were effective because they were relatable so it got everybody’s attention, but they also had a lot of meaning to them,” Barber said. “A lot of times in high school people are like ‘let’s just drink anyways’ but I feel like he actually did persuade a few people to change their ways.”

Lily Barber

Leadership Student

“I was blown away. I thought he was phenomenal. The way that the Uppers fed off of his energy was unlike anything that I’ve seen so far. He had such good ideas, and his presentation was so balanced with facts, but also comedy, laughter, and meditation, that it was really the perfect presentation.”

Jamie Phinney

Assistant Director of Admissions, Phillips Andover Academy

“He got everyone laughing and proved his point that you don’t need drugs to have a great time.”

Brent Grothe

ASB Adviser