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Pain, loss and failure give rise to tremendous inspiration.  The only question is what does it inspire?  Is something that boosts you and raises others up or is destructive and harmful?   Great musicians, Olympic athletes, comedians and others have been demonstrating how to harness this phenomenon for years.  This book uses humor and personal stories, mixed with psychological research on coping skills, to help you better understand the process of disappointment and how to use it as fuel to propel yourself forward.

“Matt Bellace takes a fresh and humorous look at how adversity can be the quickest way to learn resilience and resilience builds high performing neuropathways.    In an age when the norm is to shield ourselves and our kids from the discomfort that simply comes from being human, Matt uses his training in neuroscience to demonstrate that such shielding behavior only delays the potential for the personal growth we ultimately strive for.  Bravo, Matt!  For a truly bold and fulfilling life, load up on challenge!”
- David Packhem- Executive Producer, “Voices of Hope...The Rugged Road to Recovery”

“Since the first time I met Matt years ago on the comedy scene in New York City, his focus has been on bringing humor to serious topics.  He has done it again in this book on disappointment!  It’s part memoir and part self-help, but fully engaging.”
- Guy Winch, PhD Author of Emotional First Aid: Healing Rejection, Guilt, Failure, and Other Everyday Hurts (Plume, 2014)

“Life is way more disappointing if you have to read this book! At least I can use the front cover as my review.”
– college student (not a fan)

" ‘Life is Disappointing and other Inspiring Thoughts’ is an important (and yes, sometimes funny) look into how challenges and pain are opportunities for personal growth, even an essential part of a full and meaningful life. A must read for young adults and the young at heart - reimagining how we process, adapt, and grow stronger from trauma and adversity. . . something we all need now more than ever emerging from a pandemic-scarred world."
- Doug Bratton, Executive Director, Partners in Prevention


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